Many people consider Bonanza the greatest television western in history. While fans of Gunsmoke might argue with that, there's no doubt that the tales of the Cartwright's are indeed legendary in the annals of television history.

It doesn't seem all that many years ago (but it was!) that my dad and mom, my brother and me would have some homemade popcorn and see what was happening on the Ponderosa on a Sunday evening.

Ben, Adam, Hoss and Little Joe entertained millions of us for years. And, it wasn't uncommon for television stars 'back in the day' to record music, as well. But did the popularity always transfer from the small screen to the record player?

Not always.

So who was this 'Little Joe Cartwright'? He was Michael Landon, who first came to prominence as a teenage werewolf at drive-in movie theaters. Younger folks (but not too young) know him as Pa Ingalls on Little House On The Prairie. And as Little Joe on Bonanza?

Well, he was the guy that the young girl's wanted...and the young guy's wanted to be. In other words, he was cool!

Now then, give a listen to Little Joe (or the teenage werewolf, or Pa Ingalls, or Jonathon Smith from Highway To Heaven, he was all over the TV) sing 'Shenandoah'.