A Brad Paisley superfan named Barbara Diane Whiten has died, and the star is remembering her publicly. The fan was lovingly known as "Cupcake" because she would frequently bake delicious treats for Paisley and his band.

"My very first year of touring, one of my first fan club members was Barbara Diane Whiten," Paisley writes in a heartfelt Facebook post, sharing the news that Whiten died on June 19.

"We knew her as Cupcake, she'd bake those for us. Cupcake passed away of poor health yesterday," he continues. "It makes me sad to see time take its toll, and yet so thankful for the rest of you as well. I cherish the friendships this career has brought my way, & here's to the memories we've made & are still making. Rest in Peace, Cupcake."

Paisley has long had a close relationship with his fans. He's performed at weddings, helped with baby gender reveals and taken part in many marriage proposals at his shows. The singer even surprised students when he performed at their high school graduation on June 2.

Seniors at Barrington High School in Barrington, Ill., won a contest Paisley held that challenged graduates to post on social media what “Last Time” they were going to miss most about high school. The Barrington students put together a video that featured them mattress-surfing down a flight of stairs, pushing their dean into a swimming pool and hitting golf balls onto the football field.

“Nobody beat that — that video you guys made was amazing. I’m going to play a couple songs for you before you go out and make the world a better place,” Paisley told them during the ceremony. "My advice to you, as you go through life, is to enjoy the moments. Make memories, enjoy them and don’t take yourself too seriously."

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