I’m a Baby Boomer and proud of it. For the simple reason my parents were part of the Greatest Generation.

Today is Baby Boomer Day. Those of us who were born between 1946 and 1964. I’m on the north side of that era.

As a Baby Boomer we had the simple things starting out in life. When you wanted to talk to someone it was actually face to face, over the phone or by writing a letter.

Getting a ride to your friend’s house was with your parents or grandpa.

I still remember you could get your groceries delivered by the guy who owned the store. He’d stop by on his way home after closing up for the day.

School lunch was actually real food.

And summer vacation was a car ride with the whole family.

If you could choose a generation other than your own would it be Millennial, Gen-X, Baby Boomer or the Greatest Generation?

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