"Here's lookin' at you kid..."

Those words began the 'hook' chorus to a huge hit song in 1982.  "Key Largo" by Bertie Higgins had millions of people singing along that year.

Higgins only had that one hit, but what a hit it was.  It topped the Adult Contemporary charts and was a Top Ten pop music smash, too.  Oh and by the way, did you know it made the Country Music charts?

Yep, not a monster hit by any means, but "Key Largo" did manage to top out at #50 on the country chart as well.

It's one of those romantic ballads that, in my opinion, is a whole lot more "country" than a lot of songs coming out of Nashville these days.  I guess it was the timing.  Country Music hadn't really come around to that song yet.

As mentioned, Bertie Higgins hasn't been able to repeat "Key Largo"'s success in the 30 plus years since that hit.  In recent years the 71 year old Higgins has moved more into movie production.

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