By the title of this article, you'd think I would have some idea of how to get back to work with all of the enthusiasm a nice break from it might provide. You would be wrong. I always struggle with coming back to work after a vacation, whether I travel far or stay here at home.

That is why I went looking for tips from experts with ideas that might help all of us.

  • Don't let everything pile up - This is one thing I did during my vacation which did help a lot when I came back to work today. I went through my email, (twice) so I wouldn't be inundated the first day back.
  • Do plan your next trip - This gives you something to look forward to. (We spent some time chatting about a family reunion on the northwest coast this upcoming July).
  • Do have a plan when you come back - What do you want to accomplish the first day back at work? What else do you want to get done as you transition back to your everyday life? (I'm a notorious list-maker and I usually have one active list going in my head and another on paper, most of the time).
  • Don't make New Year's resolutions that are destined to fail - If you want to get healthier, boost your income and find love; you may want to start with some concrete steps for achieving these lofty goals instead of hoping fortune smiles on you in every category.
  • Do get back on a regular sleep schedule - This will help with the stress of returning to the real world.
  • Do try to get back on your pre-holiday or pre-vacation meal track - No you don't have to give away all the cookies and fudge, just try to eat less of them and more fruits, veggies and lean proteins. (At least that's what I'm going to try to do).

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