In today's modern society, Pew Research Center reports that 96% of Americans have a cell phone.  Out of this number, 81% of Americans own a smartphone of some kind.  New smartphones always claim to have the newest and latest technological capabilities.  But which smartphone do you own?

During the Morning Show on KXRB, we love to ask fun questions and polls over Facebook.  This poll is another topic that always seems to divide people: Team iPhone or Team Android?  It was a close race at first.  Some people even called into the show saying they still have a flip-phone!  This is what our listeners had to say:

Android: 24

iPhone: 15

No matter whose side you're on, smartphones give people the power to do whatever they choose.  They give us the latest news in the world, provide us with immediate answers to questions through search engines, and more.  Smartphones have changed the way we communicate with each other and they keep us connected.

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