Ride share companies like Uber and Lyft are in operation across the country. Individuals in Sioux Falls frequently use Uber or Lyft use to get around town. Uber and Lyft rides especially come in handy when you're out at a bar or at the airport.

For the most part, adults ride with Uber and Lyft. But what about a ride service for kids? Let's say parents or other adults aren't able to take their kids to soccer practice or a friend's house. The next time you're in this situation, parents can request a ride from Boomerang, the new Sioux Falls rideshare service for kids.

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Before you jump to conclusions about sending your kids in a stranger's car, this new Sioux Falls ride service is made just for kids! It’s even mom and dad approved! Our friends at Pigeon605 got the exclusive story about the friendly ride-share app.

Boomerang is really easy to navigate. Pigeon605 reports that "when parents sign up through the Boomerang app, they can see which drivers are available and when. Beyond that, they can browse driver profiles, including their professional and child care experience. The parent selects an individual driver for the child’s ride, and the service also is an option for carpools." Being able to view a driver's experience/background in childcare is a feature unique to Boomerang, not available in the Uber or Lyft app. This essentially helps parents trust future drivers for their kids.

The mission of Boomerang is "to become an extension of your family by providing safe and dependable transportation for your precious cargo - your children!" Your kids will be safe, and you'll be worry-free.

Boomerang just launched its app in the Sioux Empire. For more information, you can click here.

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