Younger folks may not believe it, but there were choices back in the 'old days' too.

Heck, we could get our favorites songs and artists on album's if we wanted (Yes, music did come out on vinyl and apparently its making something of a comeback!). Or, if we preferred, there were cassette's (What were cassette's?  Well, they were, uh, Ipod's before Ipod's. Kind of. No, not really. They weren't anything like Ipods. But they were cool).

Or if you were old school, you could get all your favorite's on 8-track.  Now, I'm not going to try and explain exactly what an 8-track was (ask your parents or grandparents about them), but suffice to say they were 4 tracks (I know, they were called 8-tracks) and it sucked when they would switch tracks in the middle of your favorite song.  Nothing like a 'ka-lunk in the middle of 'Ode To Billie Joe'.

And don't even get me started on what would happen when you had a great 8-track in your under dash player in that '63 Chevy and the song started to, well, wobble.

You pull out that 8-track as fast as you could but, too late.  Suddenly you realized how much tape could fit into that little plastic holder called an 8-track.  Because it was laying all over your floorboard.

But still, the memories are warm and a commercial like this would get us to pony up the money for our favorite songs.  After all, as you'll hear, our satisfaction was guaranteed!

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