We didn't just sing along with 'On The Road Again' when it became a hit in 1980. And we didn't just sing along with it through the decade of the 80's.

Nope. We still sing along with 'On The Road Again' all these decades later.

Not bad for a song that was written on an airplane barf bag.

Willie Nelson was set to star in his first feature film Honeysuckle Rose. As the story goes Willie was approached by an executive producer of the film to see if he might write a song for the movie. Well, asking Willie if he could write a song would be kind of like asking Da Vinci if he could paint a little somethin'.

Yes, yes Willie could...and did on the flight on a barf bag. Instead of air sickness, Willie garnered a Grammy Award for 'On The Road Again' and while the song has become a country music standard, it also was a Top Twenty pop hit and. in fact, Rolling Stone Magazine named it among the top 500 songs of all time!

And of course for those of us that love country music, it's one of the best sing along songs ever! C'mon, you know when you hear it, you turn it up and the next thing you know...'On the road again, I just can't wait to get on the road again...'

Ya know, I might just have to hunt up my old copy of Honeysuckle Rose  and watch ol' Willie, Dyan Cannon, Amy Irving and the gang one more time.

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