Was there anything better when you were a kid than when Dad and Mom would make a stop at the Dairy Queen after grocery shopping or back to school shopping or, well, any kind of shopping?

There's nothing like a cone of soft ice cream, sitting in the back seat of that car and trying your doggonedest to keep it from dripping on your hand, on your pants, on the seat, on the everything!

Ice cream is a treat for kids of all ages, from 2 to 102. And while the dog days of August may seem to be the best time to sit in the shade and enjoy your favorite ice cream flavor, isn't ice cream good any time of the year?

Check out these 10 survey findings about ice cream and while you do that I'm going to go grab a chocolate shake.

1.  Ice cream is the most popular dessert in the country.  41% say ice cream is their favorite . . . 20% said cake . . . 11% said cookies . . . 11% said pie . . . 9% said fruit, PLEASE . . . and 7% said candy.

2.  Chocolate is the most popular flavor.   16% say chocolate, followed by cookies and cream . . . vanilla . . . cookie dough . . . and mint chocolate chip.

3.  56% of people eat ice cream all year long, not just during the summer.  Women are more likely to eat it in the winter than men.

4.  86% of us eat it at least once a week . . . including 11% of us who eat it every DAY.

5.  Breyers is the most popular brand, followed by Ben & Jerry's and Haagen-Dazs.

6.  When people go out for ice cream, 40% like a regular scoop . . . 22% like soft serve . . . and 21% want it in a sundae.

7.  Dairy Queen is the most popular place to get ice cream, followed by Cold Stone Creamery and Baskin-Robbins.

8.  57% of people usually order ice cream in a cup . . . 43% get a cone.

9.  Of the people who like cones, 67% say waffle cones are the best option.  16% go for a sugar cone, and only 8% go for the traditional cake cone.

10.  And finally, 51% of people under 35 and 41% of people over 35 say they'd eat more ice cream if it weren't unhealthy.

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