With you and I being the perfect parents, we of course never had to bribe our kids. No, no..they were little angels! Always well behaved, we could take them anywhere and get the most beautiful compliments about their behavior. And church? Oh, they sat attentively for a full hour, hanging on and digesting every word the preacher said.


Now back to the real world.

According to a new survey, 94% of parents bribe their kids to make them behave.  Here are the top nine reasons why . . .

  1. For finishing their chores.  66% of parents said they reward them for it in some way.
  2. For getting good grades, 60%.
  3. For being good when you bring them shopping, 48%.
  4. Potty training, 44%.
  5. Eating everything on their plate, 31%.
  6. Finishing their homework, 28%.
  7. To make them stop crying, 18%.
  8. To make them stop fighting with their siblings, 18%.
  9. To get them to smile for a photo, 8%.

The survey also asked people what they bribe their kids WITH.  The number one answer was an "experience", like a trip to the zoo.  Number two was something sweet, like a cookie, followed by toys, more TV time, a later bedtime, and money.

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