Are you someone who always has to have the latest iPhone or do you prefer to spend your money on trips? I recently read an article called "People Who Spend Money on Experiences Instead of Things Are Much Happier." I'm doing this 'happiness thing' all wrong.

I don't spend a lot of money on entertainment OR things, but when I want something, I usually buy it if it is reasonably priced. There are several concerts I would like to see, but I choose my favorites. Let's face it, if I went to every concert at the Denny Sanford PREMIER Center, I'd be broke. There's a lot of great shows there.

I need to be more outgoing. If I want to go to the Cities or Omaha, I just need to go. Instead I stay at home, watch the Food Network and cuddle with my cat.

According to the Elite Daily story, people who put their money toward travel, experience and memories are happier than those who buy the latest designer clothing and gadgets.

Life is about memories, not diamonds.

At the end of your life, are you going to be reminiscing about the fact that you had an iPhone 6 Plus or are you going to recall golden memories you shared with the people who shaped who you've become.

With social media, we tend to brag about our material possessions.

Focus on what makes you happy, not what makes you famous.

What sets us apart from our ancestors is that we are enveloped in the world of social media, and just about anything we buy is photographed for shameless self-promotion.

We should spend more money on adventures.

Lose the price tag and explore the world around you.

By spending more of our money on things that enhance our life — filling us with golden memories and unforgettable adventures, we’re shedding some much-needed positivity and light on the world.

Buy that concert ticket, road trip to the Mall of America, finally visit Vegas, sit on the beach in Florida, make memories that last a lifetime instead of buying that new cell phone that will be obsolete in two years.

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