Thank goodness we live in a totally safe environment. Oh, there are jobs that are probably unhealthy, but none of them are around here, right?


Business Insider did a study and ranked the unhealthiest jobs in America. It's based on factors like exposure to diseases and radiation - the risk of minor and major injuries - and how much time you spend sitting. And it turns out the #1 unhealthiest job is performed by a person right in your town, or at least close by! And what's more, you visited him or her recently (or at least you should have!).

Check out the unhealthiest jobs in America. And for cryin' out loud, stay healthy!

  1. Dentists and dental hygienists
  2. Flight attendants
  3. Anesthesiologists
  4. Veterinarians
  5. Podiatrists
  6. Immigration and customs inspectors
  7. Histotechnologists.  They take tissue samples from diseased people and animals and prepare them for analysis
  8. Water and wastewater treatment plant workers
  9. Stationary engineers and boiler operators
  10. Surgical assistants

Source: Business Insider

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