There is no definitive definition of Country Music. It isn't this thing or that thing or that thing over there. It's all of it. Some of it you like, some of it you hate and then there's that special 'some of it' you absolutely love.

It's drinking and cheating and loving and hating and living and dying. No subject is off-limits. It's fast and it's slow, it's corny and deep. It's a belly laugh and its a tear down your cheek.

It's three chords and the truth.

Truth is, there is no definitive country album that a country music fan needs. And these 10 only start the argument. There's so many more that could (and should?) be on this list. Names like Tubb and Owens, Robbins and Frizzell, Wynette and Jones (How the hell can you have a list without Jones??), Twitty and Jackson and Strait and Brooks and...on and on and on.

But just for fun, if you hear every song on every one of these Greatest Hits collections, you've pretty much taken a sweet long ride through real country music.

If somehow, somewhere you can pick up any or all of these albums, way to go! Tell me which is your favorite, although that will be every bit as tough as listing just 10 greatest hits albums you'll need.

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