Zombies are all the rage these days. They're on television. They're in the movies. They're populating video games.

And now Zombies are here in Sioux Falls, in South Dakota, in the Upper Midwest. Everywhere you look. You can't get away from Zombies.

Or rather, Zombie eaters. And you might well be one. In fact, you probably are.

Get ready to hear all about a new term, Zombie eaters.

Zombie eaters are those people who stare dumbly (you know, like a zombie) at a screen while eating. It might be at a restaurant or at home. You might be alone or with family or friends. But that delicious food just doesn't seem to go down without your eyes on that...screen.

Why do I say you probably are a Zombie eater? Well, the New York Post is reporting that a poll was done of 2,000 Americans and an astounding 88% are, indeed, zombie eaters. While they're devouring their food their looking at a phone...or a laptop...or a TV.

The survey goes on to reveal that the average American will check that phone two separate times while munching lunch. Over the course of a weeks worth of meals, that same average American will only enjoy five 'screen-free' meals.

Oh, and if you're one of those hardcore zombie eaters, this may have happened to you as well: 83% of the surveyed people said their meal has gone cold while they were deciding what screen to watch and 86% said they were so engrossed in their favorite screen they forgot to eat altogether!

So what will you have with that burger and fries, phone, laptop or TV?


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