A fun activity in life is great, especially if you can share doing it with your family. Finding something that you can all enjoy together is really special.

Bowling has been just that. My dad was a bowler, so spent a lot of time around the bowling alley with him.

As I think about it, you might say I kind of grew up around there. And of course being there meant bowling myself. I started with the lightest house ball on the rack at about five years old and continued bowling all thru life.

I actually bowled on a men's league when I was in high school. I proudly won the trophy for high game of the season on that league in 1981. Or I should say my dad was proud.

I still have a little steam left in me today. Saturday we went to Sport Bowl in Sioux Falls and I had nine strikes in a single game.

This all started from a little five year old that was simply attempting to keep the ball out of the gutter. I still remember a score of 50 being a big deal.

Had I not been given the opportunity to enjoy bowling as a child, I would have missed all this fun. And that leads me to the heart of this story.

Take your kids to the bowling alley. It's one of the best things you can do.

One important thing to realize, a bowling alley is a good place for kids. It's a trouble free environment containing a great sport. Bowling is a sport that teaches self improvement, victory, loss and sportsmanship.

I have my son very much involved at the bowling alley. He is only four years old and he's got his own bowling ball and everything. He's looking at joining the youth league next year at five.

My wife, son and I bowl every week together. We all look forward to it. We make it an important part of our life because we each enjoy it and we do it together.

Before I wrap up, let me tell you about a wonderful program. It's called Kids Bowl Free and you need to check it out.


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