If you haven't been following the housing market lately, it's been crazy. Future homeowners have been scrambling to find the perfect home before it's gone.

With a limited amount of houses available for sale in Sioux Falls, there is one home that stands out from the rest. How does having a home theater, an indoor home basketball court, and a home gym sound? Pretty nice, right? You'd think the price tag would be out of this world. However, you can actually get this Sioux Falls mansion for a "great price."

Where Is The Most-Expensive House For Sale in Sioux Falls?

This lavish Sioux Falls home is located right near the Minnehaha Country Club and sits on 9,000 square feet of land. This home boasts six bedrooms and...seven bathrooms! The backyard also appears pretty elaborate. There's a lot of open space and even an inground pool!

These features sound pretty amazing. The price of this dream home certainly reflects what it has to offer. You can be the proud owner of this Sioux Falls home for the grand total of...$2.1 million.

It sounds like a fortune, however you certainly are getting some top notch amenities for your money. Check out these photos of this stunning Sioux Falls mansion on Zillow. Who knows? It could be yours! (pictures will be shown)

See Inside The Most-Expensive House For Sale in Sioux Falls?

Sioux Falls Mansion For Sale


You Can Get This South Dakota Home Now For A 'Heck Of A Deal'

If you're looking for a three-bedroom, nine-bathroom, retractable roof home with a fish pond that sits on over eight acres of land...you're in luck! There is a home in South Dakota just like this located only 65 miles west of Sioux Falls.

The Mitchell Republic in Mitchell, South Dakota is reporting that the former Kelley property in Mitchell is still on the market right now for a great price. In fact, Mayor Bob Everson of Mitchell says this house is available for a "heck of a deal."
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12 Businesses That Would Do Great in Sioux Falls' Abandoned Gordmans Building

For thirty years the people of Sioux Falls saw the sign for Gordmans off-price department store across the parking lot from the Empire Mall.

In September of 2020, the store closed for its final time. Since then the building has sat empty, something that doesn't happen too often in Sioux Falls.

We were wondering what people in Sioux Falls would like to see take over the space. Some folks wanted their Gordmans back. It was a great place to find deals on clothing. But, all the Gordmans are gone, so that's a no-go.

And since we've gotten our Chick Fil A and Chipotle, the city is primed for another thing to line up for.

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