Crime never takes a vacation…not even when the holidays are just around the corner. In fact, the Yankton Police Department has been vigilantly searching for a high profile criminal in the Sioux Empire.

Well, good news! The Yankton Police Department finally captured one of the most notable Christmas crooks late last week. This fugitive's crimes are almost unspeakable. One thing is for sure, this criminal does not have one ounce of Christmas spirit in him.

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Chief Jason Foote of the Yankton Police Department confirmed that his department did capture...The Grinch! This arrest came just before Yankton's Holiday of Lights Festival. Thank goodness!

In a video posted on the Yankton Police Department's Facebook page, Chief Jason Foote tells Yankton residents and viewers that this arrest was "an important safety matter." There is full bodycam footage that captures the moment when police officers apprehend The Grinch in action trying to ruin Christmas. You can even hear The Grinch in the video saying, "Christmas must end! I hate Christmas!"

Chief Jason Foote explains that this arrest would not have been possible without the numerous tips and some "awesome police work" from the members of the Yankton Police Department. The Grinch was automatically placed in custody and will be transferred back to Whoville. His crime? Attempting to destroy the Christmas spirit and all the festivities that are a traditional part of the holiday season.

Another big case is solved thanks to the crew of the Yankton Police Department! Christmas is saved and so are the delicious milk and cookies!


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