I don't mean to shock you in case you haven't heard but...

Garth is coming to town.

Nine shows beginning the weekend of September 15. Nearly 100,000 tickets sold. Yes, you read those numbers right: 9 & 100,000.

Wow. That's all, just wow.

In addition to being the biggest selling solo artist in American history, there's more to this man from Oklahoma. There's more than all those dozens of hits (that an entire crowd can sing along with, word for word), more than the incredible stage show that has fans talking about for weeks... and months... and years.

You may have read the stories, seen the images and videos. Garth (and yes, I call him by his first name. I've never met him and yet he seems like a friend) on-stage giving his guitar to a young fan, and in the process not only making that fan's night, but creating a moment he or she will never forget. Or maybe seeing a couple that's getting married and giving them a Hawaiian honeymoon. Or maybe just seeing a heartfelt, touching sign and taking the spotlight off himself and shining it brightly on someone who, well, perhaps needs a spotlight.

And then, I'm sure, there's the dozens (hundreds?) of things he does 'behind the scenes', events we never hear about. I call them 'events', because for the people they affect, that's what they are.

Which brings me to an email I received out of the blue.

It was from Leslie who is a K-4 Music Instructor at Tea Area Legacy Elementary School. (Tea is just a stones throw from Sioux Falls, ya know).  She said in her email:

My students and I study a different composer each month during the school year and Garth Brooks will be our first Composer of the Month in September! Do you have any idea how I might ask Garth to consider coming to Tea and visit? All 649 students will be singing Garth's songs, learning about him, his G-Men band, his life and his music!

Now, to be totally honest, I don't have Garth's personal cell phone number (Hard to believe!) and I'd bet a dollar to a doughnut that, well, Garth is probably a pretty busy guy. I mean, 9 shows and close to a 100,000 tickets sold! I'm sure its not easy putting that all together and then doing a concert (well, more like an event!) that everyone will remember for the rest of their lives.

But then again, this is Garth, so who knows.

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