Remember when the COVID-19 Coronavirus hit and there was no toilet paper to be found? You'd walk down the paper aisle at your favorite store...and your 2nd favorite store...and your 3rd favorite store, and the shelves would be empty? You'd go here, there and everywhere and there was just no toilet paper to be found, not a single roll. Well, this past weekend I went to my favorite grocery store and the paper aisle had toilet paper from one end of the aisle to the other. Whew!

And there's been other shortages over the past months. Prices of some things have gone up (meat). And now we have the latest 'might be tough to get' item on the horizon.

Soft drinks. Soda. Pop.

Delish is reporting that your Coke or Pepsi or whatever soft drink you love might be a little harder to find. Why? A shortage of aluminum cans. It's affecting the availability of some fan-favorite sodas.

But hold on, why an aluminum shortage?

Well, apparently soda lovers (you know who you are) have been stocking up on cans of soda during the pandemic because they're easier to stock and stack than plastic/glass bottles and liters. So the aluminum can supply is trying to keep up with demand and falling a little short.

You can get all the details of the article here. In the meantime, check out that storage room. You have enough toilet paper to last you until the year after next. Is there room for more pop, too?

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