The other afternoon on 'The McDaniel Mess' I was playing the great Dan Seals classic 'Everything That Glitters (Is Not Gold)'. What a great song and so well written. Dan brought it to the top of the charts in 1986. If a great country song tells a great story, well, this is it.

When country music fans talk about the great artists in our music, of course the legendary names come up. Haggard. Williams. Robbins. Frizzell. Cline. Wynette. Lynn. And so many more.

And when you're talking great classic country superstars, you'll hear names like Conlee, Conley, the Outlaw Movement artists, Milsap, Rabbit. But one name you don't hear mentioned often is Seals.

Dan Seals had a career worthy of mention with those other great names. Fifteen Top 10 hits, including eleven #1's. From 'God Must Be A Cowboy' in 1984 through 'Good Times' in 1990, Dan Seals was always at or near the top of the country music chart.

So why is he overlooked when talking about the country music greats?

It could be because of the music career he had before he became a country star. You see, he was a pop music star.

Yes, country music's Dan Seals was England Dan of the 1970's pop music super duo England Dan and John Ford Coley.

England Dan and John Ford Coley
England Dand and John Ford Coley Album Cover

With a half dozen huge pop hits in the 1970's, I remember playing England Dan and John Ford Coley songs. (Interesting the 'England Dan' was actually born in Texas!). Oh, and one more thing, Dan Seals is the younger brother of Jim Seals of another pop music due, Seals and Crofts (remember 'Summer Breeze'?).

Dan Seals passed away from mantle cell lymphoma at the age of 61 in 2009. So when people talk about the great classic country stars, bring up the name of Dan Seals. He deserves to be mentioned in that group.

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