It's been a long day. I mean a really long day. All you want to do is get home, take of your shoes, have your favorite beverage and sink into that easy chair. that feels good.

And apparently it's easier to do for him than it is for her.

According to the Wall Street Journal women are working longer hours and sleeping less than they used to. Why?

Well the survey that was done indicates it's the women that, in addition to working outside the home, also spend more time caring for their children and do more work around the house.


The survey goes on to say women are giving up sleep, giving up leisure time, giving up exercise and giving up up friendships. A sociologist quoted in the article says two things are impossible to accomplish at the same time: full allegiance to one's job and full allegiance to one's family and this is not asked of men.

So it's time to examine ourselves guys and start splitting up the workload at home.

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