Having spent over 47 years in the state of South Dakota, you'd think I'd pretty much know about 'pert-near everything going on in the Mount Rushmore State.

No. No, I don't. I guess I might be called someone who is, uh, unaware.

Did you know that The Dakotas Tour is a professional golf tour that was founded back in 1985?

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I didn't. How in the world did I miss that? Tournaments are played not only in South Dakota and North Dakota but also in Iowa and Minnesota. And we're not talking about chump change stakes here, either. The pros play for a total of approximately $750,000 in prize money.

There are 18 events on the tournament schedule and you can find out when and where they play here.

Now, truth-be-known I haven't played golf for many years and consider myself a casual golf fan. Oh, I know Tom and Curt Byrum are Onida, South Dakota natives, and were tournament winners on the PGA Tour. So see there: I did know something!

But the Dakotas Tour escaped me. Heck, now I'm going to keep up on the news, the winners, and scores...and see how much money these guys are making! If you'd like to as well and get all the news just check out the Dakotas Tour website here.

And if you can, go out and cheer on the Pros at a course near you!

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