I've lived in South Dakota for over 49 years now. Yeah, the old adage is true, time sure as heck does fly.

From Winner to Aberdeen, from Brookings to Sturgis, and back to Brookings, from Rapid City to Sioux Falls, I've seen a whole lot of towns and miles of roads in the state. I haven't been to all the communities, but suffice to say...there's been quite a bunch.

Through all those years here in the Rushmore State, one of two things happened: Either I didn't realize we had an official state song, or I knew it and forgot. And yes, it could be the latter of those two.

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Whatever the case, I certainly wouldn't have been able to sing it if asked. Thankfully I never was asked!

As it turns out the official state song, "Hail! South Dakota!" was published in 1943 and was selected by popular vote as the official state song. DeeCort Hammitt wrote both the lyrics and the music. And you know what?

It's not bad. Not bad at all. Give it a listen here.

So by golly, now you know.

In addition to the state animal being the Coyote, the state fish being the Walleye, the state sport being Rodeo and the state dessert being Kuchen, now you know the state song.

That bit of trivia might just win you a free long neck down at your favorite watering hole.

You're welcome.

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