So you call your boss or text him/her...or email him/her. Or contact him/her however people do that sort of thing these days. You're not coming in to work today, you're sick.

Or are you?

Our friends at Zippia surveyed 2,000 American workers about just that subject: Calling in sick at work. And the results are interesting (I assume the respondents remained anonymous).

First of all, many of you contract Mondayitis. That's the sickness that apparently only strikes workers on Monday's. That's the most common day of the week that folks call in sick. Hmmm. Ok. Maybe on a related subject, a little over half of the respondents said that, yes, they faked sick to get out of work.

About a third of the respondents didn't get 'sick' on a Monday, but they did call in sick the day after a Holiday. So we have another strain in play here...we'll call it 'Day-After-Holidays'. I'm assuming the recovery time is quick.

Now, the majority of people who call in sick are, actually, honest-to-goodness under the weather. That's the most common reason. Number Two is a mental health day.

Things like 'tired' and 'car issues' also come into play in the survey. Oh, and then there's some that just responded with 'hungover'. Honesty, after all, is the best policy.

So if that coworker of yours is out sick on Monday, you might wonder just how sick he or she is. It might be another case of Mondayitis.

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