I guess when a person gets a little older, has a little more mileage on the skin and bones, he or she gets a little nostalgic. He or she remembers more things because, well, there are just more things to remember!

One of the things I recall with a warm wave of memory is my dad and some of the other old boys of the day playing pool in the Pool Hall in my hometown. I've written about that elsewhere, but it got me to thinking, which has gotten me into trouble more than a time or two.

Now that I've become, uh...one of the older boys, I might like to shoot a game or two or three of pool myself. Oh, it's been a few more than a few years since I picked up a stick and knocked the balls around. But I'm at the point in my journey where I have a little more time so, why not?

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I'm not talking about anything serious. I don't want to take part in a blood-sport kind of game. Nope. More of a casual visit-while-you-play type of thing. And there's nothing wrong with a cold brewski while showcasing my rusty old skills either. So the question becomes...

Where's a good place in Sioux Falls to spend an hour or two playing pool? It may have become something of a lost art but I'm sure there's a place or two or three that would and could be recommended. You know, a spot where a fella could drop in, tip a beer and partake of a little eight-ball or rotation?

I'll do a little scouting on my own since I have some time, and if you know of a place, let me know. Maybe we can rack 'em up and do a little old-fashioned visiting.

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