Get behind the wheel on any given day and you might have a different opinion on how good or bad South Dakota drivers are. But a recent survey gave a clear answer as to where the Mount Rushmore state ranks among the nation's worst drivers.

The financial technology company, came out with a 2020 survey that breaks down America's worst drivers based on 3 simple categories: Percentage of uninsured drivers, number of DUI arrests, traffic fatalities, and traffic tickets.

So, where does South Dakota rank on this list? As it turns out, we're in the exact middle. The state of South Dakota is at number 25 out of 50. It's actually tied for 25th place with three other states, Maryland, Michigan, and North Carolina.

Number one on the list (for the third year in a row) is the state of Mississippi, as they have some of the highest rates of traffic fatalities, as well as ranking high in the number of uninsured drivers.

What state can brag that they have the safest drivers in the entire country? Massachusetts. According to Smart Asset, Massachusetts has the fewest bad drivers in the U.S. That's a compliment, right?

So, the next time someone around here tells you that "South Dakota has the worst drivers", you can happily point out to them that that's actually not the case at all! We definitely don't have the best drivers either. But there's always next year, right? Until then, keep those hands at 10 and 2!

story credit: Smart Asset

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