A high number of people have been moving to the City of Sioux Falls each year. More residents in the city means more cars and traffic on the roads.

Sometimes we encounter impatient drivers on the road. Whether you're late picking up your kids from school or running to the grocery store, manners on the road still matter! Drivers have a responsibility to be courteous and follow the rules of the road.

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Unfortunately not all drivers around the Sioux Empire can be friendly. Heck, even the most polite drivers can get annoyed with the littlest things while on the road.

So what annoys you the most about other drivers in Sioux Falls or around the area? There can be a whole book series about this question. Luckily, our listeners narrowed down what frustrates them the most about other drivers. Do you agree with their aggravations?

When they pass you on the interstate just to cut you off just to get off on the off ramp!! See it all the time on I-29 and I-229!! Ugh!! People!!

For me it's gonna be people that run red lights… you typically don't get there any faster and you're endangering lives

Someone pulling out in front of you and going really slow just to make the next turn and not using signal. The people that run red lights are a half a block away and still keep going.

Illegal lane change, you turn left stay in the left hand lane, right hand turn stay in the right lane. It’s called traffic flow. We can both turn at the same time.

When someone gets in front of you then basically slams on the brakes. Or someone who is riding your back end. There's plenty

Since there are some careless drivers on the Sioux Falls streets, we have to be more cautious. In case you ever forget the rules of the road, the South Dakota Department of Public Transportation lists the basic laws for all drivers in the state to follow.

Always be a smart defensive driver on the roads!

9 Driving Laws in South Dakota that Might Surprise You, Some You Didn't Know Existed

There are some things you can do on South Dakota roads that you may have once thought illegal but aren't. Like, can you ride in the back of a pickup, or drive barefoot in South Dakota?

While perusing the South Dakota Department of Public Safety I was reminded of some things that come up in conversation quite often.

Here are a few to ponder:

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Every year it snows in Sioux Falls. We may live in denial during the spring and summer, but it happens.

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