Speed Cameras are a way of life in Iowa these days, as it seems there's no turning back from them. In the past few years, Iowa has seen a dramatic increase in cameras on city streets and highways.

The vast majority of speed cameras can be found in urban areas but you might be surprised to see where else they're located in the state of Iowa.

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Which Cities and Towns in Iowa Have Speed Cameras?

Credit: Canva
Credit: Canva

After doing some research on Google, here are the cities and towns that I found with speed cameras:

  1. Cedar Rapids
  2. Fort Dodge
  3. Muscatine
  4. Prairie City
  5. Sioux City
  6. Clive
  7. Council Bluffs
  8. Davenport
  9. Des Moines
  10. Altoona
  11. Ankeny
  12. Waukee
  13. Windsor Heights
  14. Waterloo
  15. Marshalltown

Although these are some of the most prominent cities and towns with speed/traffic cameras, they are only the tip of the iceberg. As you can see from the map below from the Iowa DOT, these cameras can be found in almost every corner of the state.

Credit: IOWA DOT Website
Credit: IOWA DOT Website

Perhaps the most notable place that has implemented speed cameras is the central Iowa community of Prairie City. The small Iowa town has at least four cameras set up throughout town and has reportedly made millions of ticketing unsuspecting drivers. So much so, that even the American Civil Liberties Union recently got involved.

To learn more about speed cameras in Iowa, check out the article from Iowa Capital Dispatch here.

Story Source: Iowa Capital Dispatch Website, We Are Iowa Website, KCRG Website

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