When I meander, stroll and walk (some say stumble) around Sioux Falls, it seems to me that people are getting younger.

No, it's not that I'm getting older, I'm still young and spry and vibrant...as long as I take my Ibuprofen and don't try any sudden movements.

I'm part of what we proudly call the 'Baby Boomer' generation. You know, the ones that the 'Greatest Generation' had. There's a whole bunch of us, or at least there was. It seems fewer and fewer folks know who Matt and Kitty, Gilligan, Lucy, and Rockford are.

Insert exasperated  'sigh' here.

Anyway, it turns out I wasn't seeing things when I noticed those wet-behind-the-ears kids in town. Turns out, according to South Dakota-demographics dot com, the median age of a Sioux Falls resident (I was going to say 'Sioux Falls-ite, but too cumbersome) is 34.2 years.


Ahem, well that age is back there somewhere in my rearview mirror of life.

Let's see, when I was 34.3, I loved 'Cheers' and 'Night Court' and there was some new cartoon on the air. Something about Homer and Bart and...well, you get the idea.

So is the rest of South Dakota getting younger as I stay my same handsome ageless self?

A peek at Rapid City says those kids have a median age of 37.1.  Aberdeen 34.6, Mitchell 35.9, and Yankton 39.1. Brookings is the young whippersnapper of the bunch at 23.6. (Gee, wonder why that is?).

So, I'll do what I can to keep the median age up. Now if you would, pass the hot chocolate. The Andy Griffith Show is coming on METV. I just love that Barney Fife.

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