Alright...I'll be the first to admit that I do like to indulge reality television every once in a while.  We are all guilty of sneaking in shows like "Dance Moms" (my personal favorite) or "Naked And Afraid." So what's a reality show South Dakota cannot get enough of?  One hint: "The Collector."

If you guessed "Storage Wars," then you're right on the money and already know "The Collector" is a cast member of the show!  According to Empire Today,  "Storage Wars" tops the list for South Dakota's favorite reality television shows.  If you're not familiar with the "garage sale style" show, it's all about heated auction battles over storage units that might uncover some valuable treasure.

The popular A&E series features nine individuals willing to spend a lot of money on various forgotten storage units.  These units can go for thousands of dollars depending on what someone thinks is inside them.  The bidders on the show do have the opportunity to glance inside each unit before they bid, they just can't touch what is inside them.

Empire Today created a separate list of the reality series that are number one in various regions of the country.  Shockingly..."The Bachelorette" is the top reality show in the Midwest.  Huh...I really did not expect that.  Top reality shows in other regions are:

  • Northeast region: "Shark Tank"
  • South region: "Married at First Sight"
  • West region: "Masterchef" AND "The Voice" (It's a tie!)

Reality television is rapidly growing throughout the country.  So, what are the other popular reality shows people are watching throughout the Sioux Empire and in neighboring states?  Well, it's not what some would expect.

  • Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Iowa: "The Bachelorette"
  • Nebraska: "Bachelor In Paradise"
  • Illinois: "Shark Tank"

Now I understand why "The Bachelorette" tops in the Midwest region.  What's your favorite reality show?

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