You can play Twister or Monopoly with your family for only so long during quarantine before someone gets bored with the amount of quality time you're spending with your family members during the day.  This is why in recent months a lot of individuals throughout the world are turning to technology-based diversions like streaming services to escape from the family.

Since the start of the global COVID-19 pandemic, Forbes is reporting that internet services are up 70%, online streaming services (such as Disney + and Netflix) have jumped 12%, not to mention the fact that music streaming sources have also experienced record numbers since so many recording artists are performing concerts from their homes.  These significant increases are attributed to convenient mobile apps that are downloaded on smartphones.  In addition, some television services including HBO GO and HBO NOW, have offered free movie streaming during the coronavirus pandemic.

Streaming movies online has especially become more popular due to movie theaters being temporarily closed and highly anticipated new movie releases being postponed.  Recently, the Lights, Camera, and Pod Twitter account documented the top movie being streamed in every state.

What is South Dakota's top movie you ask?  Antz...Ever heard of it?  Me neither.  However, your kids might be familiar with the 1998 film.

This movie is exactly what it sounds like it's about, an ant colony.  The animated film features an all-star cast including Woody Allen, Sylvester Stallone, Jennifer Lopez, and Christopher Walken.

The other top streamed movies around the Sioux Empire include:

  • Iowa: Just Go With It 
  • Minnesota and Nebraska: The Hangover
  • Illinois: Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Theif
  • Wisconsin: Milk

What movies or television shows have you been streaming during the COVID-19 pandemic?

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