Here in South Dakota, we don't get too crazy when it comes to our food choices. Sure, we have some sushi restaurants and frog legs appear on some menus, but for the most part we stick to meat and potatoes.

The Huffington Post and Yelp got together a while ago to determine what cuisine is the most popular in each state. It was no surprise to find Southern at the top of the list in states such as Alabama, Arkansas and Georgia.

One of head-scratchers included Illinois. When you think of Illinois, you think Chicago and hot dogs and pizza. The most popular cuisine in 'The Prairie State' is Pakistani.

In Utah, they like their Hawaiian cuisine even though they're 3,000 miles and a long swim across the Pacific from the island.

Our neighbors to the north enjoy their sauerbraten and spatzle. German made the top of the list in North Dakota. Minnesotans and Iowans put on their feed bags at buffets.

Here's what the research showed for South Dakota. We love our red meat, all-you-can-eat macaroni and cheese, hamburgers and fries, wings and pies.

  1. Steak
  2. Buffets
  3. Traditional American
  4. Chicken wings
  5. Pizza

To read the whole study, click here.

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