Everyone is different when it comes to what temperatures they prefer. I have talked about it on the air before and it is a fun question to pose to people: "Which would you pick super cold or super hot weather?"

My wife would be perfectly happy with leaving the air conditioning set at 82 in the summer while I would rather leave it 10 degrees cooler. Meanwhile, as the thermostat in the upstairs of our house tries to regulate the temperature, our basement usually ends up cold in the winter and colder in the summer.

But what is more miserable to endure? I thought of this after a casual conversation with a stranger at the gym today. Extreme heat and cold both suck a lot, but which one is more miserable?

I prefer summer to winter merely because most of my favorite activities happen then while only hunting and occasional skiing happens when itS cold. But summer is far more miserable for me to endure. The cold never made me sick, it just made me cold. In June of 2019, I went to a pistol match near Omaha and the temperature was between 92 and 97 all day and the humidity was exceptionally high. Hydration was a chore that had to be strictly adhered to or it got dangerous quickly.

I have sat out in sub-zero wind chills while deer hunting and been perfectly comfortable given the proper gear. The only thing that makes extreme heat tolerable is going to indoor air conditioning.

But I Googled for the answer to this question, figuring someone had done a study, and they have. In a Washington Post article from 2016, a study was done to find what the level of people's happiness was relative to the temperature outside. It really wasn't even close. Once the temp gets over 72.5 degrees, what the study set as the perfect temp that most people are happy at, virtually no one was as happy as they were at 72.5. However going down to as low as 30 degrees, lots of people were actually happier that they were at the comfortable temps.

The answers at the lower temps varied more widely than those at higher temps where most people agreed it sucked.

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