Yes, a great beer is a beautiful thing. But pair it with something equally beautiful and delicious, but slightly more on the cakey side and you might just have a life-changing combination!

Okay, at the very least you have a delicious afternoon in store. Once again, Woodgrain Brewery in Downtown Sioux Falls (101 South Phillips Avenue), has gotten together with Intoxibakes - South Dakota's Original Boozy Bakery (421 North Phillips Avenue) to lend a hand to Children's Home Society.

The fun and flavorful get-together is happening Tuesday, January 25, from 3 to 10 PM at Woodgrain Brewery.

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This year Woodgrain is offering their Brambleberry Pie Sour, #supportlocalIPA, Imperial Brown, and Dunkel Dark Lager, which will be perfectly paired with an equally delectable Intoxibakes creation.

The best part? Just by indulging your love of brews and bakery goods, you will be supporting the mission of the Children's Home Society. Two dollars from each 5-ounce beer and mini-cupcake will be helping CHS work their way down wish lists that support kids in their care.

This is the kind of "taking off early from work event" that most people can enjoy. And if you just can't make it on Tuesday, feel free to stop down to Intoxibakes or Woodgrain to sample their goodies later.

And, simply donate to Children's Home Society right now.

If you really need more information than - -beer, cupcakes, good cause, friends, laughter, and doing good in the community - -you'll find it at Woodgrain's FB page, FB Events page, or at Downtown Sioux Falls Inc. online.


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