There are lots of great Ice Cream options in Sioux Falls.  Dairy Queens, B & G Milky Way, Stensland Family Farms, Cold Stone Creamery, SDSU Ice Cream, and more,

But, how do you like your ice cream?  Baskin-Robbins did a new survey  on What Your Ice Cream Choice Says About Your Personality.  Here are some highlights.

  • On a Cone: You are an Optimist. You lead with your heart
  • In a Bowl: You are a Realist. You are a rational thinker.
  • Ice Cream Cookie: You are an Eccentric. You are both introvert and extrovert with tendencies to be artistic, impulsive, and idealistic.
  • Ice Cream Sundaes: You are Ambitious. You are passionate, motivated, and take risks.
  • Out of the Carton: You are Practical. You are resourceful, dependent, pragmatic, and a strong leader.
  • Ice Cream Milkshake: You are a Free Spirit. You are young at heart, fearless, athletic, and likely to take impulsive risks.
  • You Don't Like Ice Cream: You are a nut job. You are likely to show up naked at Walmart. (OK...I just added that one)

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