Aren't we all in agreement that we're ready for April to be over? Typically, you always hear people say "Boy, that month really flew by!", or "Where has the time gone?" We're not hearing that these days. It feels like April has gone on forever. But with May on the horizon, here are a few things we can all look forward to next month.

Spring Weather In Regent's Park
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The weather is getting warmer. That means we can get outside and do more of our favorite activities. Sure, many events have been canceled, but that doesn't mean we can't enjoy the nice weather and tend to our yards, right? Just remember the sunscreen!


Mother's Day is coming up on Sunday, May 10th! Mom's need our love and support this year more than ever. Even if we can't see each other. A simple card and a phone call, or even a video chat will show mom you care.


It will be different this year. Many of the events throughout the state will likely be canceled. But it's still an important day of remembrance and reflection. Typically, many American's are excited for the three day weekend that comes along with Memorial Day. This year, let's take the time to think about all of those veterans who have made the ultimate sacrifice for this nation.


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