What has really mattered in life? Yesterday my stocks were up and I made money on paper and I tried to enjoy thinking about it in the evening.

But before I knew it, I was sleeping. Then I woke up to a new day and the market was way down and the previous day's profits were gone.

Paychecks have come and gone. I've had new cars lose their new car smell and rust and wear out.

So the things in life that have really mattered weren't of material. Instead it was of doing something that was such a thrill, that I would never forget it.

One that comes to mind for sure was going fishing with my dad when I was a boy. It didn't take a big high priced boat either.

And we weren't fishing for trophy species. We were fishing from shore with worms for bait, reeling in bullheads.

I would give everything I made yesterday in the stock market for being able to relive just a single moment of being with my dad on one of those fishing days.

I realize now, that on those days when I was a boy, to me it was all about catching a fish. But to my dad, it was about being with me.

I know this now, because I have a five year old son, and we are preparing to go fishing on Friday for the first time in his life. I know how he feels and I know now what my dad felt. Now we have answered the question of what really matters in life.