Dining out is a fun experience, at least that's what it's supposed to be. You want to go where they have great tasting food, decent prices, cleanliness, a good atmosphere and most of all good service. There's nothing that will ruin things more than a bad server.

Let's dine out this evening. So now the big question, where should we go? We are certainly blessed with a wide array of choices in Sioux Falls.

Before choosing a place, I am going to factor in one more thing. Because we have a little boy, let's pick a place that fulfills all of our desires and also is a good place to go if you have children.

Again, a number of establishments come to mind. Places that have excellent kid's menus that make it fun for the little ones with you. And places that treat the kids with a special touch.

Let me randomly list some of our regular eating destinations. We like Perkins, Culver's and I mentioned Pizza Ranch in a previous story. And Burger King is always a big hit with my son because he gets to go up to the counter after his meal to get his free ice cream treat.

But there's another place I would like to talk about now, and that is Cracker Barrel. The food is always outstanding and the menu has a large selection, so no matter what my wife is hungry for, or what I'm hungry for, we will find it. And most importantly, my son and all children, will find something that they will love to eat.

Plus what makes it even better, is all the old items they have on display from years ago. This is really something that makes it even better if you have kids with you. It gives them a chance to see things from the old days and ask you what it all is. I have all kinds of fun explaining how great that stuff was when I was little and how I remember their grandpa using those things.

Plus you can plan on touring their general store before you leave so your kids can look at all the toys. With all that said, I would recommend Cracker Barrel for a place to go out and eat if you have children.