By Kevin Hurd, KDLT News Today

Drive down any given street in this country and somewhere along the way, you're bound to see a billboard. They include messages that either stay with us or leave us as passing thoughts.

But in downtown Sioux Falls, there is one billboard that is sure to catch the attention of "tech savvy" folks -- a Midcontinent Communications advertisement that promises "this is gonna be gig." The ad is referring to gigabit internet.

Think about it this way: a full HD movie download at peak speed on a gigabit connection would take only about 16 seconds.

Jon Pederson, Vice President of Technology at Midcontinent Communications, says customer use twice as much data every year, which is something that helped push this project forward.

Businesses have had the gigabit option for the last few years - and by the end of 2015, Pederson says home users can take advantage of it too.

Find out why going full throttle to gigabit territory is not something that is going to happen overnight for most by reading Kevin Hurd's full story.

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