If your kid is trying to figure out what he or she wants to do when they grow up, suggest they become a sitcom writer.

I stumbled across some industry insider stuff the other day showing that our TV viewing choices have never been greater; number wise that is. Quality wise; that's still to be debated (in my opinion).

The most recent figures that I saw showed there are literally more channels than ever before to watch on television, not to mention all the streaming options that are also out there.

Just last year alone, there were 352 original scripted series for us to choose from. That's broadcast, cable and streaming combined. By contrast, just 15 years ago, there were only 26 original scripted shows.

And keep in mind, of that 352, that does not include news, sports, talk shows, documentaries, movies or reality shows. WOW!

So how come I can never find anything good to watch on TV?

Being the professional couch potato that I am, it seems like nowadays I spend more time flipping through the channels looking for something to watch than I do actually watching a show.

I'm not really into reality shows, sports I don't mind in limited doses, and news programs no longer interest me because (again, in my humble opinion) there's way too much conjecture and personal opinion thrown in.

Perhaps it's the way we view 'media' these days. Like many of you, I usually have the TV on while surfing the internet via my tablet, with my smart phone standing by just in case the battery runs low on my reader.

I wonder if there's such a thing as 'media overload'? I know in my case, my attention span is not what it used to be, and I blame that on there being way too many choices.

Of course, my age may have something to do with it as well.

Oh my, gotta go. 'Wheel of Fortune' is about to begin, plus I have to check my Facebook and Twitter accounts before making dinner.

What were we talking about again?

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