When you think of the band The Bee Gees, what do you think of?

Rock and Roll.



Perhaps the last thing you think of is...

Classic Country Music.

Well, think again.

Many of us know the Bee Gees wrote the biggest selling duet hit in the history of Country Music, Kenny and Dolly's 1981 smash 'Islands In The Stream'.  Now, that would be a connection enough.

But wait.  Did you know Barry Gibb (the lone surviving member of the trio of brothers) has a love, not only for music in general, but Country Music in particular?

In fact, Barry Gibb has sung on the stage of the Mother Church of Country Music, the fabled Grand Ole Opry!

In this video clip, Country and Bluegrass Legend Ricky Skaggs joins Barry Gibb on one of the Bee Gees greatest Rock/Pop classics.



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