I know music. I mean, if there's one thing I know (and that's debatable), it's music.

At least Country and Pop/Rock.

I've worked in radio, and by extension music, for quite a while. Ok, more than quite a while. Well...for a lot longer than quite a while, several decades past that.

So how in the world did I miss this?

I just happened to bump into this. I've always had a habit of bumping into things, literally back there in the 'old days', and now on the internet. I've been a Bee Gees fan since the 1960's. I can crank up and sing right along with 'I Started A Joke', 'How Can You Mend A Broken Heart', 'Massachusetts' and all those great early Bee Gee hits.

Heck, I can even get into the disco/dance stuff, although at my age now I might injure a hip and there's no way I can join in 'Jive Talkin' anymore.

So it was a surprise when I bumped into a Bee Gees song called 'South Dakota Morning'. Turns out it was a cut from their 'Life In A Tin Can' album, which was released in January 1973. And yep, that's the Bee Gees alright, and that's definitely Barry Gibb singing.

What a beautiful ballad from a legendary band. And one that fell through the cracks in my musical knowledge. I'm sure there's a few (lot) more.

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