Did you know the Bee Gees were responsible for two very important songs in country music history? That's right, two! And yes I'm talking about those Bee Gees, the legendary pop music rockers.

First, with all the great duet hits in country music, it was none other than the Bee Gees that wrote the biggest! Yep, it was the Gibb Brothers that wrote it - it being the Kenny and Dolly1983 smash 'Islands In The Stream'. In fact, watch and listen to the Bee Gees sing it on stage.

But wait, there's more.

Before "Islands In The Stream," there was a number one country hit called "Rest Your Love On Me," a milestone chart topper for Conway Twitty because it was his 25th! And who wrote it? Yep, Gibb brother Barry. In fact, the song was the flip side of the Bee Gees smash pop hit "Too Much Heaven." You know Conway's country hit version, now give the Bee Gees a listen.

There;s an old saying about politics making strange bedfellows. Well, the same can be said for music.

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