February 4th was the day that Facebook celebrated it's tenth birthday.  And because gifts are usually given on birthdays, this special day was no exception.  However, instead of millions of people sending balloons, flowers and cards to Facebook, Facebook was the one giving everyone else the gift.

On February 4th, those with a Facebook account were surprised to find a short movie set to pleasant music, highlighting a person's biggest moments on Facebook.

This Facebook Memories Movie might not have featured the account holders favorite pictures, but it did feature the most liked posts and photos that connected with people...or "Friends".

According to Facebook, the whole purpose of this short movie was to show people the impact that Facebook has on people's lives, how their lives were documented and how people stayed connected.

Since that day, I am still receiving links to my friend's Memories Look Back movies.  Don't get me wrong, I LOVE watching these short videos of the people that mean so much to me.  It's fun to see how their lives have changed and what is important to them.

It's easy to see that Facebook is a huge part of many people's lives.  But what would it be like if Jesus had an account on Facebook and a Memories Look Back video was made for Him?  Many might think this is something they would not want to watch.  Many could even find it offensive.  But no matter what your beliefs are, many find it simply.....inspirational.

Jesus Had Facebook
Godvine Facebook

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