The Mount Rushmore State has had several big lottery winners over the years and each one has a story. But what happened to their lives after winning the jackpot?

The South Dakota Lottery has compiled a list of its biggest lotto winners from years past. From the Powerball to Dakota Cash, this list touches almost every corner of the state. Here are the ten biggest lottery jackpot winners in the Mount Rushmore State's history.

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Top 10 Lottery Jackpots in SD History

Neal turned his big lottery win into a booming agribusiness with a 47,000-acre dream ranch.

In December 2022, Wanless’ hard work paid off, resulting in one of the most significant land sales in South Dakota history — in both price and acreage — when the Bismarck Trail Ranch closed for $37 million, more than double the price he paid for it in 2009, according to the broker.

-Successful Farming Website

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