Winning the lottery feels like it's almost impossible. But it does happen to very lucky people who purchase these life-changing tickets.

The Powerball Jackpot drawing occurs every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday evening. Although a South Dakota ticket did not win the $132 million prize, one Powerball Jackpot ticket did win a huge amount of money. This winning ticket was sold in...Aberdeen.

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In a post on its Facebook account, officials with the South Dakota Lottery say they are looking for the winning ticket worth...$1,000,000! This ticket was sold at a popular grocery store in Aberdeen called Kesslers. How did a South Dakota resident win $1 million?

South Dakota Lottery (via Facebook), Canva
South Dakota Lottery (via Facebook), Canva

This winning ticket matched all five numbers during the recent drawing. This ticket would have won the entire Powerball Jackpot. It was only missing the Powerball number. These were the winning Powerball Jackpot numbers from Wednesday's drawing (March 30th):

4, 9, 24, 46, 66 and the Powerball is 7

The South Dakota Lottery hopes to find this lucky Aberdeen winner as soon as possible. Here is what you should do if you are one of the Powerball Jackpot winners:

If you are Wednesday's winner, please sign the back of your ticket immediately and visit a Lottery redemption center to claim your prize!

If you have yet to win lotteries like the Powerball Jackpot. Don't worry! There is still another chance for you to become a millionaire! The next drawing for the Powerball Jackpot will be Saturday, April 1st. That's not an April Fool's Joke either! The new Powerball Jackpot total is $147 million. That's still a lot of dough!
Happy playing!

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