If you've spent any amount of time driving around the rural areas of the Hawkeye State you've likely noticed the big stars displayed on the front of many of the state's barns. But what do they mean? The answer might surprise you.

Many owners do this to give an old barn a new, slick look, but there's also a much deeper meaning behind the barnstars themselves.

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Credit: A Team via YouTube
Credit: A Team via YouTube

According to a recent article from Taste of Home, the popularity of the barnstar is akin to a good luck charm for Iowa Farmers.

Sometimes, barn stars may be painted right on the wooden structure, but more often than not, they’re made out of separate pieces of metal and wood and then installed in place. No matter the material, these bold stars are also known as Pennsylvania stars or primitive stars. The primitive stars were commonly installed on barns by early Dutch and German settlers to ward off evil. The stars are known to bring good luck to farmers, too.

-Taste of Home Website

Story Source: Taste of Home Website

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