Orange may be the most popular color of pumpkins during the fall season, but you'll more than likely spot a variety of colored gourds on doorsteps during this Halloween season. And yes, they all have a meaning behind them. Good Housekeeping breaks it down:

Teal Pumpkins: Put this on display to alert families that you have alternative treats (toys, stickers, etc.) for kids who can’t have candy. This could be due to sever allergies.

Purple Pumpkins: Creates awareness of epilepsy and honor those who are living with it.

Pink Pumpkins: Creates awareness for early detection of breast cancer and the continued search for a cure. These are becoming more popular because October is Breast Cancer Awareness month so let's rock those pink pumpkins!

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Blue Pumpkins: Chosen to represent autism awareness, homes that display a blue pumpkin are pledging to create an inclusive environment for those with sensory sensitivities.

White Pumpkins: Shows support of those who have suffered a pregnancy or infant loss.

Red Pumpkins: Warns people of the dangers of drunk driving, especially on Halloween when children are in the streets. I hadn't heard of this one until this year but I really like this one :)

Yellow Pumpkins: These houses advocate for the disabled, but yellow trick-or-treat bags may also signify that the child needs a little extra compassion.

We hope your trick-or-treating is a lot of fun this year!

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