The giant red balls outside every Target look decorative. Kids like to stand on top of them. Some people take photos of them or sit on them and wait for their shopping friends. We've always assumed they were there for branding purposes to complement the round signature bullseye.

But did you know they actually serve a much greater purpose?

A recent TikTok post from Cathy Pedrayes reveals, “The red balls at Target are there for a reason. These are bollards, and tons of stores use them for safety. Whether it’s a concrete ball or post, these can stop a car or truck from driving into the store.”

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One person commented that they thought the red balls were there for decoration, and Cathy responded by saying, “Target made them round for branding but they have a real purpose.”

@cathypedrayes Fun safety facts! #target#safety#facts#didyouknow#learnontiktok#funfact♬ Walking On Sunshine - Countdown Singers
The video was viewed over half a million times and thousands of shocked responses. 
Makes total sense, and one of those things you may have never given much thought to. And yes, they are concrete.

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